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Saturday, April 23, 2005


Yankee stadium, where many young boy's dreams were made true.

The very batters box where Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle stood! The centerfield which Joe DiMaggio roamed and Reggie hit moon shots over the wall in! The house that Ruth Built! NOT THE HOUSE THAT "GEORGE" AND "$$$" BUILT

SAY NO TO A NEW YANKEE STADIUM PLEASE, and please sign my pettion


LadiYankee07 said...

yes it's a shame the same batters box that ruth and mantle stood they're abondoning now. for a big corporate park.
I dont mind them buliding a new park and playing i there temporary. I think they should keep tradition alive keep the ballpark where it is!

yankees-chick said...

You have my support
love yankees-chick

Kobrien said...

I will write on this on my blog as well, excellent points! The house that "Ruth built not that Cashman and Steinbrenner built! said...

its a shame so many memmories and history in that ballpark, couldnt they just bulit another complex and play there until they renovate and modernize the original and only yankee stadium?

Was Watching said...

The stadium will be state of the art and only across the street, I think they should create a complex there play in the new stadium temporary until they can make the old one up to par. It is hallowed ground!

Anonymous said...

I think that thwy need a new stadium to compete with the new stadiums built in shea and minnesota and baltimore make it more modern said...

They should just build the new stadium play there until they can completely update the old Stadium up to date, than try and lure another sports team into the other stadium to rent ? maybee the GIANTS? You can also hold concerts there or local sports teams, such as the high school game of the week or even a Colliegiate team from the area? spark intrest in College baseball.and make it like the Meadowlands complex that hosts the Devils, Giants and Jets and the Nets, renovate the area and build shoppes and eatery surrounding the comlex?

There is too much history in that ballpark to just abondon it!

Anonymous said...


Red Sox Fans stay off this blog, worry about your own stadium that is so old and in lousy condition and cant be renovated lol
Yankee stadium is a shrine too many memmories DONT ABANDON IT FOR A NEW STADIUM! said...

Save Yankee stadium right on! brother it's a Landmark if the Yankee's move out they may be the next one's cursed dont let that happen Go Yankee's and Go NY Footbal Giants! said...

I agree with the writer there is too many memmories in the current yankee stadium and that is the same batters box the same pitching mound that babe ruth and whitey ford , lou gehrig , mickey mantle, roger maris and joe dimaggio stood. There is to many memmories there. They should just renovate it and use the new ballpark for other events or a football team

Mike said...

lol the house that George built smh shame and it holds less then the original stadium 50,000 to 57,000 whats the point of that making less seats? they better not tear it down because they're making a big mistake. Maybee they'll realize that renovate the old stadium up to date and modern like and move back? oh you should the team much more exposure

BiLLyBaLLa said...

Damn shame

Dane said...

I heard the new one will have fewer seats... what the hell good is that? Also, it's Yankee Stadium. Some of my best memories were seeing the Yanks play ball there. I saw Don Mattingly play there, and countless other wonderful Yankees players. Tearing down Yankee Stadium is a good way to say that corporate interests are more important than human decency and tradition.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone pleading for the life of Yankee stadium. This event, if it occurs will be one of the worst tragedies in America. Yankee Stadium doesn't belong to "The Boss" It belongs to New York, and New Yorkers and the Yankees. This Plight has just cause, if marketed right we will at least be heard.
P.S. You think Babe Ruth was mad at the Red Sox? Wait till the new enemy demolishes his house. Precious Yankee Stadium

branmasterflash said...

One of the directors of development for new stadium said it would be a ballfield surrounded by "the luxury of a five star hotel."
How nauseating is that?
Well,unfortunately most Yankee fans are Motel 6 kinda folks.
Obviously,the Yankees don't even want us anymore.
Been a Yankees fan since 1963.
And like Brooklyn fans who lost interest in the Dodgers after they moved west I think a surprising number of Yankee fans will lose interest in their team.
I know I will.
Yankee stadium was always a people's park where even the rich found themselves surrounded by work-a-day fans.Now it will be an elitist ballpark.
The "new" Yankee Stadium.
For millionaires only.
Compare that to what the Red Sox did.They listened to their fans and kept that great little ballpark.The Yankees have drawn four million but that's not enough.They didn't even have the patience to build the new stadium on the grounds of the old.Well,I say the ghosts won't relocate across the street.
The new stadium will be cursed.

Anonymous said...

Let George have his new stadium, but don't tear down the current Yankee Stadium. Turn the current Yankee Stadium into a museum. A museum to Yankee Baseball and all the greats who played there. Turn the clubhouse into a museum displaying the lockers and uniforms of Babe, DiMaggio, Mantle, Maris, Larson, etc. Turn the tunnel to the dugout into a hall of champions so to speak. Maybe bronze statues of Billy Martin & Casey Stengel in the dugout. Bronze statues on the field: "Scooter" Rizzuto at short, Mantle in center, Ruth in Right, Berra or Munson behind the plate, Ford on the mound, etc. Turn the press boxes into memorials for Mel Allen, Phil Rizzuto, and all the sports writers that covered every one of the Yankees 26 World Championships. Build theaters to show films of the greatest games ever played in the stadium. Jacksons Gm 6, Don Larsons perfecto, Gm 7 03' ALCS, etc. Create displays of the Yankees and the stadium by decade, before and after the renovation. Let Grandparents tell their grandkids "I was here and saw when....." Split the stadium down the middle, move the left field wall back to where it was in 1923 and leave the right field wall where it is now, to show the changes in baseball and Yankee Stadium. 500ft to left-center without steroids. Is there any way of getting the National Park Service involved? If the Park Service will go to great lengths to save an outhouse at Gettysburg why can't we save Yankee Stadium. Turn the current Yankee Stadium into the Yankee Hall of Fame, conduct tours,charge admission, for upkeep and maintenance, profits should benefit the community. How many people flock to Cooperstown every year? I'm not even going to get into Football and Boxing, not to mention the Popes, I'd be here forever. Don't tear down the sports meca of the world, the center of the baseball universe. I don't believe that noting can be done. Sinatra said it best "It's up to you New York New York."

Anonymous said...

Please save the stadium. so much history would be torn down for no reason. greed is not a strong enough reason to take down so many memories.

Steinbrenners can have the new stadium and all the money and the luxury boxes but please leave us with the memories.

devoted yankees fan

Anonymous said...

Today is Sept 21st at 11: 46 pm.
I think I'm going to be sick.
This is a very sad day for Yankee fans.

P said...

years from now, everyone will realize what a mistake it is to tear down Yankee Stadium. Just like people realized what a mistake it was to tear down the original Penn Station. Interestingly enough Grand Central almost had the same fate, but the only thing that saved it was First Lady Jackie O she fought to keep that beautiful station. What a architectural mistake.

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